Diary of a Teletechnophiliac: Reloaded

Welcome to teletechnophiliac.com, my new home base! I am excited to launch the site despite it still being under construction. There's a lot of work left to be done, so if the site doesn't look or work quite right then it means I'm wrestling with it. Alongside the launch of TTP is another big announcement that still leaves me fairly speechless. In January of next year I will be presenting at Interaction13 hosted by IxDA in Toronto! I'm still a little stunned by this and incredibly thankful for the opportunity. You can find my talk blurb here: http://interaction13.ixda.org/program/#session-39. I'm sure I'll talk more about it as January approaches but I'm glad to be able to share with everyone.

So what's next? For starters, this website. I have a lot of plans for it and it factors into a lot of things I hope to share in the future. I'll still be blogging about my tangles with interesting UX - I've got a couple of drafts pulled over from Blogger that I'm working on - and I'm looking forward to all of it.

Thanks for the support and I hope you'll continue to visit!