Of Personal Projects, Present and Planned

Public Announcement: I have a logo! The wonderful designer behind the TTP logo is Elaine Tai, a dear friend and an awesome web-everything. She's currently an apprentice at Galvanize's g-school, but you can find her on Twitter. I've been getting back to my mobile roots and experimenting with two very different platforms: Android and Windows Phone. My work is centered around iOS, so I want to familiarize myself with the interactions and design paradigms of these two platforms to supplement that.

Please note, all assets belong to their respective owners but the designs are mine. I don't know the Legalese needed, but all references to Windows Phone and its UI belong to Microsoft; references to Holo UI and Android belong to Google; and finally, Southwest Airlines and Rapid Rewards to Southwest.

Southwest on Windows Phone: One thing that I love about the design language of Windows Phone is how flexible it is in accommodating other brands. I used Southwest's existing mobile as a blueprint and built wireframes for a bare bones port to Windows Phone. In addition to that, I tweaked some of the information architecture around to follow the 20/80 rule (show the 20% of the functions users use 80% of the time).


Android Music Wrapper: Remember this rant? This one too? I wanted to take a pass at designing what the software to wrap around all my services would look like on Android, so this is the first draft of the application. It doesn't have a catchy name, but it's a work in progress


Please please please share any feedback you have with me! I want to let these sit and rest for a while before I iterate on them, but anything you have would be great. I'm definitely still learning as a designer, and I hope that in time these wireframes won't even be recognizeable with how different they'll be from the final products.

Those are things that I've been doing on my personal time, and in addition to working on these I have some thoughts that have been brewing in my head thanks to IxD13 and its inspiring talks. In addition to those ideas, I'd love to experiment with designing for B2G and go back to trying my hand at webOS. But here's what I've been thinking about:

  • The Flying Experience: Why is it that traveling is just AWFUL? Part of it is the experience of the airport. Yes, we will always need to go through Security, but what about the check-in process? Can mobile tech help make this better? Some airlines have QR codes for tickets, but what if we could eliminate the ticket altogether? What would that look like?
  • Museum Exhibit 2.0 - This is inspired by the talk from the incredible minds behind the Royal Ontario Museum's Incredible Dinosaurs exhibit as well as the Doctor Who Experience. I'm a bit of a museum nerd, and I'd love to use mobile to take an already inspiring experience and enhance it. I don't quite know what kind of exhibit just yet, but I want to try!

That's all I've got for now, but once again, please take a look and let me know what you think! These are just version 1.0, there's quite a long way to go on both.