Final Project Progress Report 2

We only have a week left? What?!

We scrapped the idea of coding in Max MSP/Unity and stuck to Processing. I was able to get the sketch working with help from Sam Slover. 

Video of working Processing sketch can be found here

Here's the list of things left to do - it's mostly around getting the container to work 

Things To Do

  • Sweta: Fade in/out transition when the user does an action 

  • Sisa: Video editing (4-5 videos about 2 minutes each)

  • Sweta: Audio - pick 3 choices from (remote, EOD Thursday)

  • Container

    • Soldering the switches

    • Cutting up the Bop it

    • Cutting the container to put things in 

    • Putting things in

    • Beautification