Final Project Progress Report

For this week, we had planned to do the following: 

  • Video script version 1

  • Technical analysis: components needed to build v1

  • Sketch of casing

  • Prototype: move around an image with an Arduino

(items in bold are the ones I focused on)

I unfortunately didn't get much done on this - I looked at Popcorn.js and realized that I would need Node.js to do the serial communication no matter once. Since I hadn't had much luck in the previous lab on this, I just tried to get an accelerometer working in Arduino. I borrowed an ARDX 335 from the ER and played around with it in Arduino. It looks like it never gets to 0,0,0 even on a flat surface - I was constantly getting readings. Reviewing my midterm helped because there was an accelerometer involved here; I will have to use the map() function in order to recognize when it's flat. 

I ordered an accelerometer as well as a few vibration motors to see if I could test shaking the accelerometer and registering it as a shake. 

I also thought about the case a bit more and pitched the idea of a camcorder case to Sisa - since people know the physical interactions with cameras and camcorders and our idea involves video, the controller could be in the shape of one. We could hollow an actual device out and have the Arduino and breadboard in there or maybe 3D print one. We're still debating on that. 

Sisa took a look at DepthKit for the video component and realized we would have to do everything in that, so we may have some more setbacks with the technology than we realized. Yeek. 

Current status: