Assignment 2 - Progress Update (Edited)

AssignmentCreate an animation using JavaScript and p5.js. Allow the user some ability to interact with the animation. Put it online with a simple HTTP server using Servi and link to it from your blog.

I'm making a basic memory game where the user matches cards. After some debugging, I finally got the random shape assignment working

I can assign strings to the grid successfully

I can assign strings to the grid successfully

Left to do: 

  • Hook up the 2D array of symbols to the grid of cards
  • Make the cards clickable
  • Logic to do match checking [in progress]
Current status: this GIF

Current status: this GIF

Edit (09/16): As of 11:18 PM I'm officially calling it - my code more or less works according to my debugging statements but I can't get the images to load correctly. 

Known Issues: 

  • Images for shapes won't load when I click on the card
  • Matching code not completely tested on account of the previous issue.

Code to go on GitHub shortly. You can find the assignment here

Edit (09/17, 8 AM): IT LIVES! Well okay no it doesn't live thankfully but I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK. 

Video in case it breaks in class

Demo of Memory Game