Types of Type to Type

The fonts I use on this site are Futura and Adelle; having a serif and a sans serif font helps to create a distinction between headers and main text. Futura is one of the types I used to define myself with, but the rest are pretty different. 

Taking a look at my name, I have a lot of a's in it (four to be exact). There's also an interesting effect with the 'apa' part of my last name that I tried to play with as well.

  • Opficio Neue [sans serif] - this was a font where the bowls of the p and the a were the same shape; they also resemble the o so I get what looks like a series of circles if you look at it from a distance. This font also reduced the difference between the stem and the shoulder (?) of the h, so it reduced that up and down rollercoaster effect that the letters in my last name can sometimes have.
  • Futura (medium) [sans serif] - Classic and modern type. Even when I set it to medium Futura condensed the horiztonal width of my name, which can stretch out quite a bit. I also like the contrast of the sharp points on the w and the capital M with the rectangular strokes on the rest of the letters. 
  • Roboto (thin) [sans serif] - Also known as the Android font. I have Helvetica fatigue so I chose Roboto in homage to my phone nerd roots. I chose thin because it gave more definition to the letters, I found regular to be a bit too blocky so you could see the exaggeration in the bowl of the p versus in the a here. This was another font where the ascender height was reduced so you can read my name without having to jump up and down visually
  • Supernatural Knight  [serif] - The serifs here are slanted in a variety of ways. What's interesting about this font is that all the letters are technically uppercase, but the lower case letters are smaller which places an emphasis on my initials. 
  • Imperator [serif] - this font reminded me of history, which I really love. What interested me about this font was the difference in the height between the h and the t so while this font condensed my name horizontally, it played around with the cap height. 
  • Foglighten No 06 [serif] - this was definitely my whimsical font with the mix of upper and lower case fonts. Even though I typed in 'Sweta Mohapatra', everything has the same uniform height. The r is my favorite letter here though. 

Here they all are together:

Futura, Opificio Neue, Roboto, Supernatural Knight, Imperator, Foglighten No 06

Here are the creative words I made as well