Weekly Roundup 1 (Sept 8-12)

I'm attempting to curate the work that I do on a weekly basis to keep track of it all and analyze it. It's also an easy way to view whatever work I published in a given week all at once.

So here's what I did for my second week at ITP

  • Visual Language: First class! Started talking about the core principles of visual design. You can find my analysis of an awesome Comic Con 2012 exclusive poster for Pacific Rim here.

    Reaction: I love this class already! Even this basic discussion helped to fill in some of the gaps in the lessons I picked up from the visual designers Palm and Allscripts. It was incredibly useful and is already impacting how I look at graphic art 
  • Applications: Blog posts on two articles from The New Media Reader which I will post here eventually.

    ReactionWe had speakers come in from Skylight Studios which makes movies targeted around social justice for crimes against humanity in Latin America. It was incredible to hear about their work, but for me the interesting part was when they discussed the interactive companion applications/websites to their movies - they talked about how they built trust with the people they spoke with, the work they did with designers to make these interactive components, and some of the design problems they ran into. It got the UX designer/researcher in me thinking about what it would be like to design these applications and I wish I could have heard more about the process. 
  • Networked Media: Created a basic HTML page to learn how to use Servi, a node.js microframework for creating web servers. Be warned, terrible fiction is terrible. I also wrote a response to Vannevar Bush's 1945 article 'As We May Think' from the Atlantic

    Reaction: Gosh it's good to dive back into some coding! I missed the way of thinking, and I have gotten a bit rusty with the coding skills. I haven't had too much experience with web development prior to this, so it was a good way to start. 

  • Cabinets of Wonder: I had to visit two ethnic/cultural museums and write a report on them, so I went to the Jewish Museum and the Museum of Chinese in America. I also had to bring in a scent from home and write a caption for this object so we could discuss scent and how underutilized it is even though studies show that it's the best way to trigger memory.

    Reaction: and the award for 'Class That Totally Met My Expectations' goes to...! I love this class so much and was thrilled to get into it off the wait list. I admittedly stumbled a little in the caption portion of the scent assignment - I wasn't thinking too clearly due to the cold that I've had and I may have also misinterpreted it a little. 
  • PComp: (Intro to Physical Computing) I BUILT MY FIRST CIRCUIT. I've also officially burned out my first LED component, does this make me legit now? My adventures can be found here. I also talked a little bit about how I define interaction. 

    Reaction: I don't think I'm going to survive this class. MEEP.