Amanda Palmer Video

I'd never heard of Amanda Palmer prior to watching this video, so I didn't know what to expect when watching it. I think that Amanda Palmer is in a very unique position over other artists when she talks about asking people to pay rather than charging money. She doesn't account for streaming music services, which are immensely popular. Taylor Swift recently made news with withholding 1989 from every service except for Apple Music, and then there was her open letter as well. Every artist has a different motivation; I think Amanda Palmer is one of the rare artists who is in it for the art itself (or at least, she presents herself that way) but for others the profit margin matters. Yet I have to wonder if there is something to her way of thinking; it reminds me a lot of how Humble Bundle works - Humble Bundle asks people to pay as they want with extra perks if someone pays more than the average and donating the proceeds to charity.

But I think that the really interesting part of the talk was her interaction with the fans as she got more famous. The 18 year old host really struck me, because that was an experience that touched both the fan and the fan object (I bet if someone shows the girl this video that that would elevate her and her family's experience even more). The fact that Amanda Palmer is willing to reach back makes her very special, and her fans haven't taken advantage of it. Case in point: the drawing on her body in Germany. People who are not her fans could have easily made the experience go sour, which is what I initially was afraid of before remembering that these are her fans; they will treat her in a different way than the average consumer.