Personas Exercise

So I got my personas from Helen, which included: 

  • Melanie, a junior high English teacher
  • Dr. Wordle, a digital humanities professor
  • A student learning English

The persona that was really built out was Melanie, who is a seventh grade English teacher that struggles to get students to remember the parts of speech. She hopes to use my visualization to show how language from different time periods changes w/time.

Originally when I built this project, it was sort of born out of a need to come up with a topic for the midterm; I wasn't thinking of building it as a tool for someone to use. But having revisited it and looking at this persona, there are a lot of features that could be built into the visualization to help with not only understanding the data, but to actually make it useful for teaching. In all the analyses I ran on Jane Austen's work, I found that I had a lot of parts of speech that I had to look up as to what they meant. The tooltip on hover can be used for this to show maybe the first three examples in the novel so that people can understand what they are, as well as maybe a dictionary definition.

This also got me to think about sentence diagramming, which was an exercise I remember doing in sixth or seventh grade. It's a visual way of helping kids understand how sentences break down, and while that might be out of scope for my visualization, it may help me think about how to build on this visualization. But my persona is the teacher using it as a tool to teach students. I would have to design for the kids and not the teacher in this scenario.