R-n't I Glad This isn't a Final Project Requirement

I respect what R can do, but this is the first programming language I've run into that didn't immediately make sense. It's very different from what I've used previously, so it took some time.

The Marvel API is back to working order, so I scraped it for the entire list of characters in the Marvel comic universe. I used R on one of the files I extracted as a sample and was able to read it in, but when I tried to analyze the data, I ran into a bunch of nulls.

It turns out that I did have a header in the file (which I discovered after experimentation), and that allowed me to actually run functions on the data

R is good for running on quantitative data, which will actually be useful for when I collect all the data I need. I think for the final project I want to find the relationship between Marvel's writers and characters, which means I have to run some queries when I finish pulling data from the API. I'll need to experiment a little more with R to really understand what's going on, but I'm coming around... maybe...