Final Project Pitch

Here is the original project pitch for the final (taken from the email we sent)

Marijke and I are working together to create a project around self-selection and social media, specifically how social media creates an echo chamber of homogenous opinion/perspective/reference, etc.  We will analyze the Twitter accounts a person follows to determine the diversity of content they consume. The resulting visualization will be a polygonal self-portrait of the user, the complexity of which will be determined by the diversity of their twitter content consumption. The following is our workflow:


1 - The user takes a picture of themselves and gives us their Twitter handle

2 - We find the list of people they follow and analyze the text description of each account

3 - Based on the keywords in the text, we create tags to group together the accounts

4 - We generate a low poly version of the image based on the groupings to show the user the diversity of accounts they follow. 


We're not sure how to tag and group accounts so that we can build a graph that represents this diversity, so we set some time up to chat with Arlene before the following class to figure out where to go.