Week 2 Documentation for Team SNC

Our topic for the semester is the effect of color on the mind. This is based on research from Adam Alter, the author of Drunk Tank Pink.

Team SNC got kicked off right after class with the following tasks and decisions 

  • Leads: For the three main areas - design, development, and content - that were outlined in class, we decided on

    Design: Cole
    Development: Sweta
    Content: Namira

    All of us are interested in the three areas and have experience in different skills, so we decided to have the lead be the main contact point/person in charge of tasks in that particular area while still having the opportunity for everyone to participate in each activity


  • Meeting with the researcher: We chose our first choice topic, the effect of color on emotion, due to our interest in the project and since Adam Alter, the researcher for the topic, had already responded yes. Dalit was kind enough to make the introduction for us, and Cole offered to be the main contact for Adam. We have a meeting scheduled with him on Feb 25 to give us an opportunity to read Drunk Tank Pink and do our own research.


  • Next Steps: we agreed to have a standing meeting on Thursdays. Our first meeting was today (02/13), and we got Drunk Tank Pink from Cole and discussed next steps for research. Since the effect of color is such a wide subject, we have to do additional research into any exhibits or related topics to cut down the scope of the topic. We plan to read Drunk Tank Pink and come back as a group to discuss key themes that we wanted to expand on for the project; this will help us have discussion points with Adam when we meet with him

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