Week 2 Swipe - Papa Sangre II

I initially came across this game last Halloween but haven't really played it until recently as part of my research for my Project Development studio game. The hook of this mobile game is that it is a binaural, an audio format that picks up sound exactly as the human ear hears it, game. You have two controls on the phone, but you are asked to play this game with your eyes closed. As you turn around, the spooky sounds build a creepy world that is unique to each player - you feel like you are moving within the space without actually moving around.

It was fascinating to me to play this game because I was the architect of the world (and thus was scaring myself), but it also made me think about how rich the experience was without visuals. Accessibility is something that falls to the way side, especially in the video game industry where all games are designed for those with sight. 

(And of course Sean Bean is dead yet again)