Week 4 Swipe - 3D Printed Sustainable Snacks

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I didn't know much about 3D printing until I came to ITP, but I never dreamed that we could 3D print living organisms to make... snacks. Edible Growth, which is the name of the project, aims to do so - it prints a pattern of seeds and organic matter that begin to grow after a few days. 

While I wonder about the flavor of these, the novelty and playfulness of creating your own 3D food patterns is interesting. However, it's being pitched as a healthy snacking alternative - in a world of fast food and a need for immediate gratification, a snack that needs time to grow and thus some kind of conscious planning would be a struggle. The creator says that the project is still about a decade away from being in consumers' homes due to a need for further technological development, but I would think they need to first solve the problem of A - getting 3D printing to be mainstream enough for this to catch on and B - solving the immediacy problem.

On the other hand, the 'what did I just read' factor was fun!