Midterm - Documentation on Ideas

Ideas for the Midterm

  • Continue to build Six Degrees of Marvel
  • Prototype location services and augmented reality animation for my Project Development class

For the midterm I'd really like to continue to build the Six Degrees of Marvel application I started at the beginning of the semester (wireframes | progress report), which is a visualization application that shows the connections between characters in the Marvel comic universes using the Marvel API. Looking at the designs I had, I'll need to use the following concepts covered in class:

  • JQuery - I started to build everything in JQuery, which has been useful despite the setbacks with copy and paste (though I'm currently struggling to create an instance of a filterable select menu)
  • Canvas - I'll have a lot of elements to draw, specifically the pictures associated with the character

The other idea I have is related to my Project Development class project, which is an augmented reality game. I can use this time to prototype going to a location and pulling up the camera to try an augmented reality animation if and only if the user is in the right spot. 

Concepts to use: 

  • Maps - location services
  • Camera - tie into camera and create animation if user is in the right spot.