Reaction to Everything is a Remix (Parts I and II)

Part I

Admittedly before today I had no idea what the term baseline meant, but as I listened to the clips of music that sampled the one from Grandmaster Flash (I think that's what it's called?) including Daft Punk's Around the World, I could actually identify it. I still enjoy Around the World and its treatment of the baseline far more than the original though

(Although I'm now deeply disappointed in Led Zeppelin. Plagiarism is not cool.)

Part I definitely made me go back and check some of my library because hearing When the Levee Breaks reminded me of other songs that I'd heard like Rob Dougan's I'm Not Driving Anymore. I don't know why I didn't hear the similarities sooner... is it because I wasn't looking for it? I guess it means that it was a good remix of the original then if I didn't see it (er... hear it)

Part II

Movies! I was glad to see that they touched on this, but the video focused more on filmography and characters - I had hoped to see something on the plots of the movies, particularly with Star Wars, being remixes of seven basic plots. However, the point about movies borrowing outright from material is true, but it sounds like it's the treatment of that source material that is the important thing here. With music however, there seems to be more legal issues. I think the takeaway I got from it was that movies are considered remixes as well, though the word adaptation seems to be the lingo. 

(The credibility gets a little ruined when he used Twilight for the 'sexier vampires' bit)