Week 5 Swipe - Panorama of New York, Queens Museum

Article about the making of

I was out in Flushing with a friend to see the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) for homework for Cabinets of Wonder, and we stumbled onto the Queens Museum by accident. I was stunned by the sheer scale of the model as we walked around it. Even though the model looks dated (the panorama was made for the 1964 World Fair and there are some very old TV sets built into the display that really show how old it is), the scale of it - the boroughs, the buildings, even the flying planes to LaGuardia) - was breathtaking.

The panorama is surrounded by a walkway that is made of glass at certain points so you don't miss any part of it. The walkway starts at the second floor, so as you descended it felt like taking an aerial tour of the city (without the helicopter part). Even though you can't touch anything, you can get a detailed view of the (handmade!!) buildings or an overview of it. This exhibit is beautiful even though it's outdated.