Week of 03/23 Swipe - EnChroma and Valspar Color for the Colorblind (Display in Video)

EnChroma Company Site | Valspar #ColorForAll Campaign | Video Direct Link

EnChroma is a company that makes glasses to correct color blindness, and the video is a result of their partnering with Valspar Paint to document people seeing colors correctly for the first time. The video shows people trying on the glasses to see color. While the product is incredible, the inspiration comes in the display of the spectrum on the loom. The vibrancy of the threads makes the piece seem continuous at a distance, but the materials feels very inviting to touch so the viewer could reach out and feel like they're interacting with the color directly.

It's also a reminder of how important it is to consider colorblindness in building an experience, software and otherwise. We talked a lot about color at Allscripts as we built the product styleguide, but it always hits home more when you hear someone talk about their experience directly. The reactions the people had to being able to see the color definitely had an impact on my reaction to the video, and it's something that will stick with me the next time I have to decide on colors.