Working with the SensorTag

My plan was to work with the IR Temperature sensor in the SensorTag for this week's homework, but I ran into some strange problems: 

  • Android wouldn't work. At all. I'm not sure why - I made sure the BLE plugin was installed for both iOS and Android before I ran a build. It built correctly, but I just got a blank screen. No alerts, nothing. 
  • I also couldn't print anything to the console. Instead, I found that the terminal was showing me all the data coming from the SensorTag. 

Manxue had warned me about ids potentially being different on iOS, so I put in code to check for a name of either SensorTag of TI BLE SensorTag. I'm able to successfully read output from the sensor, but parsing that data is the next step for me. I have a few questions before then: 

  • We touched briefly on signed and unsigned bytes, but I'm not sure how to translate the signed and unsigned bytes into Javascript. The Java code in the guide makes sense to me - they basically shift the bytes at one point and read the data in from a certain format, but since JavaScript variables are only designated as 'var' (weakly typed...?) how do you check the formatting? 
  • I tried both the inspect function in Chrome and the developer tools in Safari but couldn't print anything to the console. I'm not sure why that is happening since debugging using only the emulator doesn't work for BLE 

I think once I can figure out exactly how to handle the signed and unsigned bits, I will be able to translate the rest of the guide's code to pull the IR sensor's readings. My goal is to make a 'this is the weather right now' app with some fun visualizations using Animate.css .

I could still see what was going on with the sensor which was an unexpected silver lining