Final Project Ideas

My project ideas are the same as my midterm ideas; both of them are pretty sizeable projects so either one would work well. 

The two options I'm considering for the final are: 

  • Project Legend - my final for Project Development Studio and Dynamic Web Development for Mobile. 
  • Six Degrees of Marvel - my midterm

Project Legend is a geo location game that puts a spin on urban legends - it's meant to be an iOS game but I'm prototyping the tutorial as a PhoneGap app to show the general flow of the game. It utilizes the following technologies

  • JavaScript and p5 - I'm staying as far away from JQuery as possible. 
  • Camera and Maps plugin - this is a bit of stretch as I still have to build my jigsaw puzzle in p5 and handle the touch events, but I want to at least show what happens when the user gets to the location I need them to go to. 

Six Degrees of Marvel is a visualization app, though I'm thinking about spinning it into a game so that I have a good reason to make it a mobile app/publish it eventually. I still have a ton of work to do on it, but I'm leaning more towards Project Legend because of the complexity of the work.