Heartproof - Mashup using Echo Nest API

For whatever reason I got Kanye West's Heartless stuck in my head when I was thinking about this assignment, so I looked at the lyrics. There is something about it that irked me a little, because every story has two sides. So I paired it with La Roux's Bulletproof, which takes a different spin on being with someone where you want to have fun and don't want to get hurt.

I used the Echo Nest Remix API to create a sort of glitchy effect where Heartless gets transposed onto Bulletproof. Thanks to one of their Python example scripts, Kanye's song now gets mashed to the tune of Bulletproof to create a version where he flashes back on different moments with different women. It's not entirely successful - there are parts where the glitch sound is a little too glitchy to be enjoyable - but it was an interesting experiment for a first foray into mashing. In an earlier version, I tried mashing up the two original songs but ultimately ran into more cacophonous results when the lyrics and instrumental sections of the songs didn't match. This final version is a mash of Kanye's original song with the instrumental version of Bulletproof.