Project Legend - Update for Week of 04/06

Update from the Week

I admittedly fell into the trap of developing before testing - with my initial wireframes, I had very text heavy dialog that amounted to almost a paragraph on the page. I got feedback on this within the first round of testing done in class, so I wanted to pare down on the dialog. However, I got caught up in trying to build the prototype since I have a lot to do in a very short amount of time. 

For this round of testing though, I decided to test the navigation interactions. I had assumed that the user would tap, but since almost 100% of testers in the previous round swiped I included that interaction as well. I had variants on:

  • Text size - large paragraphs vs short Tweet sized text
  • Navigation cues - none vs an arrow in the corner indicating more text

I tested with a few people on the floor and overwhelmingly got feedback that shorter text and the arrow were far more successful in getting the user to progress through the introduction. So now there will be an arrow in the bottom right corner of the dialog box to show the user that they can move on to the next screen.

I also got the animation working correctly to fade in the background and trigger the dialog box to appear after the background is done loading (thanks to Diego and Katie the resident for the help!). I've started to write the JSON file for the dialog and the next step is to parse through that file to populate the dialog. The next step after finishing the dialog work is to finish working on the jigsaw puzzle game. 

To Do for Next Week

  • Finish writing the JSON file
  • Populate text in dialog box with contents of the JSON file
  • Tweak the CSS as needed for the font in the dialog box
  • Add the arrow