Project Legend - Update for Week of 04/27 (AOAC Final Post)

I was able to do some user testing in class on Tuesday for Always On Always Connected to mostly to test the first puzzle, which is a hidden objects game. I had three users, two of whom liked games (the third I'm not sure about and didn't remember to ask), but I got some key feedback across the board: 

  • The instructions for the puzzle were not clear
  • One of the items is really hard to find
  • Everyone requested more feedback when they found an object - currently when you tap on it it just disappears. 

I was able to work on the first two but when I looked at my code again it turns out I did have an animation in place for when they tap on it but it doesn't trigger. I have it set to pulse and fade away. I tinkered with this for a while and found that for whatever reason the event handler for tapping on an object never actually triggers the call to add the class that is needed to make the pulse animation, nor does it successfully change the opacity. I was supposed to meet with Shawn for office hours but unfortunately couldn't make it.

The next step for me is to finish polishing the puzzle so I can test again. After that I'll be ready to move onto the next phase, which is setting up for the first location puzzle - the player will be directed to go to a location, which lead to the augmented reality part.