This is the Remix - Final Project Idea

I realize I never documented on my final project idea (oops), but I realized that proposing the idea without the background of why it's important to me would be presenting only part of the picture.

I'm a first generation Indian-American, so I was caught between the culture of my parents and the one I was surrounded by. Finding the balance between these two very different cultures was difficult, especially because often enough my American friends just couldn't understand why my life was the way it was. Fast forward to many years later and suddenly my culture is... cool? Or at least, cool to practice. Bindis are a fashion statement now rather than something to be pointed at and mocked (or at least, in some circles). I remember be shocked when I heard Tunak Tunak Tun, a popular bhangra song, being blasted by a robot at a contest when I was in undergrad. When I looked it up, it turns out the song is now a meme where people riff on the original video by dressing up in capes and wrapping cloth to be turbans around their heads. And of course, there's the infamous Kama Sutra. 

My feelings are best summed up by the last panel of this comic, which was actually the inspiration for what I wanted to do for the final. I did some brainstorming with Roopa and ultimately came up with the idea to mash classic American art with Indian concepts. By inserting an absurd amount of Indian things into the art, I intended to parody the idea of cultural appropriation. You like bindis? You'll love having Indian architecture in your house too!

I realized that just having a parody piece wasn't enough to really bring the point home, which is that in appropriating something from another culture you lose its original meaning and the rich heritage it comes from. So I wanted to make the piece interactive so that the viewer could actually learn what each piece is. 

So in conclusion: I'm making a prototype of an interactive art piece around cultural appropriation (specifically around Indian culture) for the viewer to learn about each part that comprises the parody.