Assignment 2 Documentation

For this assignment, I built on the first tutorial we did with the floating cube to prototype the interaction I want to mimic for the final. 

The key changes I made are

  • Make the cube move using the arrow keys (left and right, up and down)
  • Restrict the cube to the camera view

I added a new script called MoveCube. This script dictates how the cube moves - I built on the code we built in class to allow the cube to move side to side.

This gave me this first result: 

The cube was moving but it could float into eternity if I let it. So my second experiment was to restrict the cube to the camera view, which I found a solution via the Unity forums. This led to stage 2.

oving up and down is still broken, but the cube was moving. However, it was still automatically drifting to the bounds of the camera. What I wanted for it was to slow down and be dictated by the arrow presses. 

I messed with some of the settings for the cube to see if I could get it to slow down and stumbled on the Drag property. This gave me the final result I wanted

I wrapped up by adding a particle system because I just wanted to mess with particle systems a little bit. Here are the settings I added: