ITP State of Mind

Has it only been one week? I feel like so much has happened! This blog for one got a revamp, but I also started my classes at ITP officially! Week One ended on Friday and tomorrow starts the first full week of classes. I've already switched a couple of classes, learned a ton, gotten great advice, remembered what it's like to be both nervous and excited all at once, and had so much fun. And that was just the last seven days!

I'll be doing a ton of blogging related to my classwork so if you're interested in what exactly I'm doing at ITP, you can follow my ITP category for blog posts! I'll be blogging for the following courses this semester (each of them has an individual tag)

  • Comm Lab: Networked Media (web dev)
  • PComp (physical computing - Arduino/hardware)
  • Cabinets of Wonder (museum design) - this class technically has its own blog page but I'll cross post them here to have for myself

I was originally enrolled in a course called Maps, Lies, and Storytelling but after some debate I decided to take the intro animation course in order to learn how to prototype transitions and designs. I won't start that until late October though. I'm also enrolled in Visual Language, which teaches the basics of visual design (I learned a ton from the visual designers at HPalm and Allscripts but apparently those things have actual bonafide terms that I should know?), as well as a course called Applications that brings in speakers weakly and encourages us to go on NYC adventures. It's been a lot of work but it's also been a lot of fun so far. Each class definitely makes me really work for it, but I'm enjoying them so far! This also gives me the opportunity to update more often. 

All in all, I have no regrets about coming to ITP. The culture, the people, the classes, all of it has been more than I ever expected. Cabinets of Wonder sealed the deal as my favorite course right off the bat (I'm on the waitlist for it sadly so here's to hoping the professor doesn't break my heart) and PComp scares the crap out of me in a good way. Everything else has been stellar - I participated in a day long D&D campaign on Labor Day, joined in the ITP tradition of Thursday Night Out, and have gotten to know a ton of people that inspire me to keep pushing forward. 

Here's to doing so at a breakneck speed.

Big Apple Overture

Greetings from New York! I still can hardly believe it and it's only been about a week.

I've already been caught in the whirlwind of being in the Big Apple both from a social and academic perspective - I've met a large portion of my 100+ peers, gone to a PechaKucha talk series (courtesy of Ignite NYC) about wearables and sensors, and started settling into life as a student again.

The impact on how I think and do things now is already noticeable. 

Dealing with moving in, for example, was a design problem. I have a student budget again and only an external hallway closet and a dresser for storage. The easiest solution was to order more shelving, but I have a pretty small room. Instead, I chose to hook another bar to the one built into the closet for additional space to hang more clothes. The result was cheaper, less time consuming, and actually preferred. 

I'm incredibly excited about being at ITP! Everyone that I've met is energetic, enthusiastic, and just incredibly inspiring. They're from all over the world (I believe the stats of my class is a 50-50 breakdown between international and US students) and come from diverse backgrounds. Their enthusiasm making me want to push myself more. I am really happy to be a part of this group. I'll have more opportunity to talk about it once I actually start my classes, but all the orientation activities have been an adventure that I will remember for a very long time.

I think I'm going to love it here. 


< /Raleigh > < NYC >

I remember my first night in Raleigh. I flew in with a one way ticket from San Francisco, and I wasn't sure of what to expect. It was night, so all I could see was the shadows of trees. It was quite the change from the tall buildings of the city. Now I'm trading in the greenery for steel and glass again. 

I'm delighted to say that I will be moving to New York in about a week to join the Interactive Telecommunications program at New York University! "Crazy excited" seems to be the closest term for what I'm feeling currently. It's a huge change and I'm looking forward to the adventures ahead! 

On the other hand, it means leaving my position at Allscripts. I am so grateful to the UX team there for all that they have done for and taught me - the list of things that I have learned is pretty endless. It was my first job as a user experience designer, and it means a lot to me. 

Time to start the next chapter!