about me

What's with my title?

Tele - Greek prefix meaning distant
Techno - prefix to indicate words related to technology
philia - Greek suffix for love

In short, hi my name is Sweta and I'm a phone nerd.

My first love is mobile user experience, and in the past few years I've used many mobile platforms. There are experiences that I've loved and some that I've learned from, and all have shaped my thoughts on design.

However, I also have an appreciation for web design and user experience in general. So the point of this is to stop pestering my social networks with 'Gosh, check out this eye bleeding UI' and instead collect my thoughts here.

My current collection of devices as a baseline:

- Phone: HP Veer
- Phone: Samsung Focus (WP7)
- Computer: Dell Vostro (Windows 7)
- Computer: Macbook Pro (OS X Lion - more to follow)
- Tablet: HP Touchpad

Disclaimer: my opinions are mine alone and belong to/reflect the opinions of no one else.

And with that, good morning