How Smooth is Your Echo Chamber?

Co-Creator | Collaborators: Marijke Jorritsma
Data Visualization from 2D to 4D, Fall 2015
November-December 2015 (3 weeks)

The concept of an echo chamber is the idea that a person's ideas and beliefs are reinforced by following information sources that "echo" their viewpoints back to them instead of offering dissenting views. There are many factors in determining who a person will follow, one of which is location - a person is more likely to follow information sources and people who are from the same place they are from. 

How Smooth is Your Echo Chamber? is a data visualization project analyzing the geographic locations of a person's network of people they follow on Twitter to generate a low poly version of their profile picture. The resulting image serves as a visual metaphor for how dynamic the person's world view is based on the diversity of their information sources on social media.  

Detailed documentation, including the interaction model and case study of the results, can be found here.