MetQuest: Greeks Bearing Quests

A mobile augmented reality roleplaying game (RPG) for teenagers visiting the Greek and Roman exhibit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

UX/Game Designer and Prototyper
Thesis, Spring 2015
January-May 2015

Museums have beautiful collections that can be interacted through reading captions or observing the collection through glass exhibits. Could experiences be created for museum visitors to engage with collections in a more interactive way? Specifically I was interested in games as a form of engagement, something many museums are starting to explore.

Design question: Can visitors feel more connected to artifacts in a museum through playful experiences?

As I thought about this, I was inspired by the statues at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Greek and Roman exhibit. I imagined a world where these statues could tell the visitors their own story instead of visitors reading about them. What would that look like? 

For my thesis at ITP I created a game called MetQuest, an augmented reality roleplaying game (RPG) that takes place in the Greek and Roman exhibit at the Met. Fusing elements of digital RPGs with the physical world, the statues of the exhibit become the characters that the players interact with. Players become Greek heroes fighting for a place in the pantheon of gods by gaining support from the gods present in the exhibit. Players "talk" to the gods using their smartphones to engage in an augmented reality conversation. Their choices dictate how the story unfolds, so every player gets an individual experience.

The Making of MetQuest

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InVision clickthrough prototype
Thesis page - additional documentation