A popup exhibit on the unconscious effects of the color red on the human body

Co-Creator | Collaborators: Cole Orloff, Kaini Zhou, Namira Abdulgani
Playful Communication of Serious Research, Spring 2015
January-May 2014

Design Question: How can academic research be made accessible to the public?

Universities are home to many researchers whose work spans a wide variety of topics. Although they may present it to their departments, the opportunity to showcase their work to the public is rare. There are also challenges in presenting to the public: creating an engaging experience to draw attention, making the research accessible to an audience with varying levels of background knowledge, and more.

RED was a pop up exhibit and the final project for Playful Communication of Serious Research. Adapting work from NYU researcher Adam Alter, we converted a small booth into a room where visitors could learn about the color red and its effects on the mind while being completely surrounded by red lights and fabric to experience some of those effects for themselves. 

I worked on creating some of the content and initial designs for as well as prototyping and developing the iPad application.

Video courtesy of Namira.


The Making of RED

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