Seven Days of Sacrifice

A tabletop turn-based game

Co-Designer | Collaborators: Sharang Biswas, Melissa Parker, Cindy Juarez, Ethan Dunn
January 2016 (Global Game Jam, 3 days)

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Seven Days of Sacrifice is a tabletop game where players must appease their gods by voting to sacrifice eligible game pieces on the board. Each player is given a type of game piece that appeals to their gods, so they must make their choices in the game in order to make sure that their game pieces are the ones that are most sacrificed. Sacrifice is determined by two phases: movement - the players take turns moving the omen table to determine which pieces are eligible to be sacrificed, and voting - players vote for which piece is sacrificed. The gameplay lasts seven rounds, after which the pieces are counted up and the players mark which pieces match their sacrifice type.The player who has the highest number of matching sacrificed pieces wins. 

The game was built during the 2016 Global Game Jam for the theme "Ritual". 

Detailed documentation courtesy Sharang

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